Greyson Chance Says He’s Coming Back Better Than Ever Once We Can Return to Concerts

'Honeysuckle' is now available everywhere

Rising star and singer/ songwriter, Greyson Chance was supposed to be on tour in Europe and parts of South East Asia this spring and summer, however he says, “once this is all over, and once we are able to safely do shows, game is over. This show is about to come back better than ever.”

During his appearance on I’m Listening: Stay: Connected Chance illuminated when discussing how he’s been spending his time during the quarantine. While the singer recommends that we focus on taking time to relax, he also laughs because he feels he should be taking his own advice. “I’ve also been in the process of finishing up a record, so I’ve really been taking this time to just listen to the music and really sit in it,” explains Greyson. He also adds that the process of releasing his new single, "Honeysuckle," during this time has been really interesting. The single arrived everywhere on May 8.

With this time on his hands, Greyson says he does “feel refreshed,” which will allow him to come back even stronger for his fans. His new music will certainly serve as a moment of joy for so many right now. “I am so just inspired by the fans and I love being on stage," he reveals. "I’m addicted to it… I love touring and I miss it a lot right now.”

We have no doubt that when Greyson can take the stage again, we will all feel a lot better.

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