Actor Ethan Suplee Stuns Fans With Shocking Weight Loss Photos

Photo credit Vince Bucci / Stringer
By 100.3 Jack FM

As many try to hold on to their New Year’s resolution of losing weight, one well-known actor is here to deliver some inspiration. Ethan Suplee, known for his roles in ‘Remember The Titans’ and ‘My name Is Earl,’ has been known throughout his career for his large physique, but recently shocked fans with his stunning weight loss transformation. Suplee is now using his story to motivate others to lose weight.

Ethan Suplee is nearly unrecognizable in his most recent photos shared to his Instagram page, as fans flock to the comments to congratulate the actor, and ask how it was done. Suplee says he now uses “food as an energy source" to help him reach his goal of having a six pack. “I’m not far off. Pretty f— close actually, so it’s an utterly vain goal. I don’t care. Who cares? I’ve never had a vain goal like that before,” said the actor

While the actor said in the past his weight loss affected his work, now the actor hopes to find a healthy balance between work and his new lifestyle. He also hopes to help others lose weight by sharing his story, both on social media, and a new podcast. Hopefully Suplee keeps it up, and soon he may even be cast in a super hero movie.

Via Fox News