Billionaire Leaves Insane Tip While Calling Out Donnie Wahlberg

ernie boch jr
Photo credit Scott Eisen / Stringer
By 100.3 Jack FM

At the begining of the year, Donnie Wahlberg made national news with his 2020 tip challenge after leaving a server a tip of $2,020 on New Years Day.   

Well now, billionaire Ernie Boch jr. just raised the stakes.  

Last saturday, Boch was dining at the Seaglass Restaurant in Massachussetts and after paying his bill, left his server Jennifer Navaria a huge tip of $5K and proceeded to call out Donnie Wahlberg in the process.  

Navaria spoke more about her reaction to Boch's generousity.  "It's just one of those things you never think would ever happen to you I've read about it over the years and never in a million years."

"I just went over casually to the table. I looked down and thought oh $50 that's nice —on $157, that's nice. I kind of looked again at the slip. It said 'Donnie, your move.' I really had to look at the bottom line; that's when I was shaking".

She continued saying, "He said 'You were fantastic and I'm happy to recognize your hard work.' That was really nice because sometimes I don't feel like people truly do know it can hard at times. I still love it, but sometimes it is challenging."  

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