Houston Explosion May Have Claimed $1 Million In Classic Corvettes

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By 100.3 Jack FM

Gordon Andrus is patiently (but anxiously) waiting to see what's become of his possibly destroyed business.

That just happens to house $1 million of classic Corvettes.

In case you hadn't heard, there was a devastating early morning explosion yesterday at Watson Grinding and Manufacturing in the northwest corner of Houston.  Tragically, it took two people's lives.

Houston Corvette Service, Andrus' business (25-years-old, and located right across the street from Watson Grinding), lost two of its four buildings: the ones that housed 15 classic Corvettes worth $1 million collectively.  At this point, he doesn't know the condition of the automobiles he was restoring.  Luckily, he wasn't at the shop during the explosion.

Andrus is keeping a positive outlook, though: "Every car is insured, and we're in the business of repairing and restoring cars.  We will make it right one way or another."

An investigation is underway: but could take months.

Source: CNN

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