Raising Cane’s Voted As The 'Best Chicken Tenders' Among Fast Food Restaurants

Chicken Tenders
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By 100.3 Jack FM

There’s no denying that chicken nuggets are far more superior to their larger counterparts the chicken tender.

When it comes to chicken tenders, no two fast-food joints have the same kind of tender. The spices, breading, and sauce are all different and unique in every way. The folks at the Thrillist went ahead and ranked the 15 Best Chicken Tenders being served at Fast food restaurants in America. 

Who came out on top? Raising Cane’s took home the honor of Best Chicken Tenders. They described eating Cane’s:  

“…each bite is impossibly tender, dripping clear, non-grease juices immediately after you crunch through the breading, which texturally lands somewhere in the middle ground between Church’s and Popeyes’ flaky exterior and the more batter-style thickness of Chick-fil-A.”
If you’re asking yourself ‘Where'd Whataburger land?’ The Texas fast-food restaurant didn’t’ even crack their top 15 list. The top five fast-food restaurants to grab some chicken tenders according to the Thrillist are listed below.
  1. Raising Cane’s
  2. Popeyes
  3. Culver’s
  4. Chick-fil-A
  5. Long John Silver’s