This Website Turns Song Lyrics Into A Hand Washing Poster

hand washing
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By 100.3 Jack FM

Let's face it; none of us want to sing the ‘Happy Birthday song’ while washing our hands. During these weird times, there are so many other songs we’d rather be singing, like 'Never Gonna Give You Up', 'Stayin Alive' or 'Eye of the Tiger'. 

That’s why 17-year-old William Gibson made a website that generates song lyrics and pairs them with the 13-step hand washing routine poster. Gibson says it only took him about 24-hours to make. Within the first three days, the website generated about 175,000 posters.

Using is super easy! Just type in any song and the artist, the website will instantly give you the lyrics and the steps to wash your hands too. 

What song will you be singing while washing your hands?