Former NFL Offensive Lineman Shows Off Massive Weight Loss One Year After Super Bowl

By 100.3 Jack FM

As the Super Bowl approaches, more and more people’s focus will be turned to the players playing the game, but as Super Bowl week begins, it’s a former player that’s making headlines. John Sullivan, who retired last year after playing in the Super Bowl with the Los Angeles Rams, recently took to social media to show off his massive weight loss since retiring. The photos quickly went viral, as Sullivan is almost unrecognizable.

John Sullivan played ten years in the NFL as an offensive lineman, usually weighing over 300 pounds. Now, the center reveals he has lost almost 70 pounds since no longer needing to keep his weight high to compete. “240 and feeling great,” said Sullivan in his Instagram post.

Sullivan is not the first former NFL offensive lineman to go viral for dramatic weight loses. Former Cleveland Browns all-pro lineman, Joe Thomas, stunned fans when he showed off a much slimmer look after retiring. Now it’s Sullivan going viral, and if he keeps this up, one day no one will believe he was an NFL offensive lineman.

Via Yahoo!