Lyft Announces Plan To Deliver Food And Medical Supplies Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Photo credit Justin Sullivan / Staff
By 100.3 Jack FM

With the coronavirus continuing to spread throughout the United States, and many industries shut down, companies are looking for ways to not only stay afloat, but also find ways to help out during these confusing times. That’s why ride sharing app, Lyft, has announced a plan to expand their business to include food and medical supplies delivery. These moves will not only keep drivers employed, but will help bring supplies to people in need.

As part of their new initiative, Lyft will have drivers deliver medical supplies and test kits to the elderly, people with chronic diseases and other vulnerable individuals. They will also bring food to seniors and students who depend on school for lunches, along with providing non-emergency transportation to people who need help getting to their medical appointments. “This work helps create new opportunities for drivers, provides rides to those in need, and helps distribute essential goods,” said Lyft.

Lyft’s food project will begin in San Francisco before eventually spreading throughout California and the rest of the country. Along with the new initiative, Lyft’s co-founders, John Zimmer and Logan Green, will donate their salaries through June to help Lyft drivers, along with helping them to find temporary work. In these times, big companies are doing their part to help any way possible.

Via Engadget