Mom Shares Husband’s Hilarious Parenting Fail After Letting Their Daughter Dress Herself

Photo credit PIKSEL
By 100.3 Jack FM

Getting a child dressed and ready for the day can be a struggle for any parent. However, most manage to at least get their kids out the door wearing actual clothing. That wasn’t the case for one father though, as his wife recently shared details of his epic parenting fail.

Brad Friedlander of Maryland was tasked by wife, Aliza, with getting their three year old daughter ready for her music class. According to Aliza, who recently started a new job, “My husband stayed home and helped get the kids out for school. Apparently, my daughter decided to wear underwear (not just any underwear but thick diaper like training underwear used for potty training) and told my husband they were ‘short shorts.’”

The post included the couple’s text conversation, along with a picture of their daughter in class wearing the potty training underwear. The post quickly went viral, with many commenting on Brad’s hilarious parenting fail. Aliza will most likely be thinking twice before ever tasking her husband with getting their daughter ready for the day again.

Via Yahoo!