Parrot Saves Family By Shouting “Fire” After Kitchen Goes Up In Flames

Photo credit TASS
By 100.3 Jack FM

A family in Tennessee was saved from catastrophe after their beloved pet parrot alerted them to a fire in their home. According to reports, the family was sleeping when a fire broke out in their kitchen. They were awoken to their parrot squawking “fire” as it spread from the kitchen to the living room.

Barbara Klein and her family owe their lives to their pet parrot. “Louie is a true hero. If it weren’t for him I probably would have been sleeping during the fire. He started squawking ‘fire’. He had never said that word before in my recollection,” said Klein. Once alerted by the parrot, Klein, along with her husband and six-year-old granddaughter, were able to escape the house.

Sadly, Louie the parrot didn’t survive the fire, and Klein’s husband was hospitalized to “clean his lungs out.” However, they are happy to be alive, thanks to their beloved parrot. Luckily, the community is helping out the family, and hopefully they will be back on their feet soon.

Via Fox News