Prince Harry Teams Up With Jon Bon Jovi To Record Song For Invictus Games

Photo credit WPA Pool / Pool
By 100.3 Jack FM

Since leaving the royal family, many have wondered what Prince Harry would do for work now that he has his independence. Well it appears his first attempt at a career is in an industry just about everyone dreams of; rock star. The former royal teamed up with rock icon Jon Bon Jovi recently to record a song for the Invictus Games.

On Friday, Prince Harry shared a video of himself in studio with Jon Bon Jovi. The two re-recorded Bon Jovi’s song ‘Unbroken,’ from their recent album, ‘Bon Jovi 2020.’ The new recording will be used for this year’s Invictus Games, the sporting competition for injured military personnel that Harry created in 2014.

The two made the recording at the iconic Abbey Road Studios in London. Fans expected something coming from Prince Harry and Bon Jovi after they were recently spotted together, where Bon Jovi gave Harry the new nickname, ‘The Artist Formally Known As Prince.’ Based on this new career, it seems the nickname is more fitting than many expected.