New Viral Challenge Has People Sharing Very Unflattering Photos Of Their Dog

Photo credit alexei_tm
By 100.3 Jack FM

When dog owners share of photo of their pet, it’s usually a glorious photo that makes the animal seem stunning and extremely well trained. Of course, these people never choose to share the hundreds of failed attempts at photos it took before stumbling across the perfect shot. Now, a new viral challenge has dog owners sharing their more unflattering photos of their dog.

The unflattering dog photo challenge quickly went viral recently, as people have flooded the internet with awkward photos of their pets. While some of the photos show dogs in odd positions, or with strange looks, others are just candid shots of the pets being their own weird selves. It is unknown where this trend originated, but it doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon.

Anyone with a dog has a number of photos saved of their pet looking insane. Now, those photos can be shared with the hashtag #unflatteringdogphotochallenge. Its time dog owners admit; their pets aren’t perfect.

Via Buzzfeed