Dating app exclusively for bald people goes viral after launching this week

Bald Dating already has over 1,000 new users
Photo credit ia_64

It seems just about everyone these days has turned to dating apps to help their search for a partner. Luckily, there is now a dating app for just about everyone, as services with specific user criteria continue to pop up on the internet. Now, a new dating service exclusively for bald people has gone viral, gaining over 1,000 new users since launching on Monday.

Bald Dating is a new service that looks to match bald people with people interesting in their look. No longer will bald people have to choose photos with hats in order to convince someone to go on a date with them. The website is currently suing the tagline, “heads & personalities shine.”

“Being bald can be very hard for some people and they lose their self-confidence. Bald Dating was created to show that being bald doesn’t matter,” says the website. The app works like many other dating services, with a like button for potential matches. With this new service, everyone can now officially find love.

Via Fox News