Texas man arrested after stealing ambulance and taking it to get food

The man went through a fast food drive-thru with the emergency lights on
Photo credit OgnjenO
By 100.3 Jack FM

Sometimes when people are extremely hungry, they describe their need for food as an emergency. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean the search for food should be treated as such. A man in Texas was arrested recently after he stole an ambulance and took the vehicle to go get food.

Police in Houston arrested a man recently after he attempted to drive a stolen ambulance through a restaurant drive-thru, with the vehicle’s emergency lights on. “Paramedics were on a call when male jumped in and drove off. Officers tracked the ambulance to a fast food outlet where the driver was at the drive up ordering food with emergency lights,” the Houston Police wrote in a now viral tweet.

It is unknown what fast food establishment the man was attempting to order from, but there was a Jack in the Box, Golden Chick and Sonic in the area. The man was charged with felony theft. Hopefully next time he’ll use a delivery app.

Via Fox News