‘Upcoming Oreos’ goes viral displaying some very strange Oreo flavors

The Twitter profile shares different photos of imagined new flavors of the beloved cookie
Photo credit Scott Olson / Staff

The classic Oreo is one of the most beloved snacks throughout the country, but one aspect of the brand Oreo fanatics love is the number of different flavors that have been attempted throughout the years. While some flavors come and go, Oreo is always trying new things, giving customers a new flavor to go along with the classic cookie. Now, a new Twitter profile has gone viral that only displays imagined new Oreo flavors, and some of them are very strange.

The ‘Upcoming Oreos’ profile has been active on Twitter since the beginning of October, and has quickly gained a following displaying pictures of fake Oreo flavors. Some of the flavors include; “Pool Water,” “Library Book Smell” and “Tupperware That You Microwaved Spaghetti In.” While some are flavors people would actually be interested in, most have followers asking why.

In classic internet fashion, the stranger the Oreo flavor, the more people are intrigued, as one of the “upcoming” flavors is “Orthodontist mold” Oreos. Hopefully Oreo doesn’t come across this page and get any ideas.

Via The Takeout