Woman realizes she was photobombed by Paul McCartney

The woman went viral after sharing her reaction on TikTok
Photo credit Gustavo Caballero / Staff
By 100.3 Jack FM

Celebrity encounters are always exciting, especially when they are unexpected. However, one woman failed to realize she was actually taking photo with one of the most famous faces in the world; Paul McCartney. The woman revealed her reaction to realizing she was photobombed by McCartney while taking photos recently in New York City.

In the now viral clip shared to TikTok, Mae Archie claims she was unaware Paul McCartney was in the photo she was taking. Ironically, Archie was leaving a music exhibit that featured The Beatles at The Metropolitan Museum of Art when the photo was taken. “Story time: So I just left the MET to see the 'Play it Loud' exhibit and was legit looking at the Beatles set and everything because I love music, and I wanted to take a cute photo so I took it on the cross walk but I was facing my mom so I never actually saw Paul until I turned around,” Archie wrote of the encounter.

As many online pointed out, the location of her celebrity encounter made their photo look similar to the ‘Abbey Road’ cover, with both standing on a crosswalk. Hopefully next time she runs into a Beatle, she is paying attention.

Via Daily Mail