Woman shares hilarious clips of her sleep walking adventures

The woman shared multiple security footage clips of her night time activity
Photo credit eugenekeebler
By 100.3 Jack FM

The only thing most people know about sleep walking is that they should never wake up a sleep walker if they ever encounter one. Luckily, a sleep walker has decided to show the world what she experiences during these adventurous nights. The woman has gone viral after sharing multiple security camera clips of her hilarious actions while sleep walking.

Celina Myers is a Canadian paranormal writer and social media influencer who is gaining more and more followers by the day thanks to her hilarious sleep walking recaps. Many of the videos involve food and her confused reactions to what is in the room. The videos have gone viral, with one being viewed over 8.4 million times.

While some online can’t help but laugh, others are advising Myers to use alarms or locks to avoid getting hurt. According to Myers she only sleep walks when she is stressed or eats cheese or chocolate before bed. Hopefully she keeps eating those items, so these videos can continue.

Via Fox News