Dolly Parton shares her adorable tradition of dressing as 'Granny Claus’

Have a 'Holly Dolly Christmas'
Dolly Parton
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While Santa may still be prepping for this year’s COVID-safe Christmas festivities, Dolly Parton is fully prepared for her Christmas traditions.

The Country superstar told The Tennessean that she dresses up as “Granny Claus” every year for her nieces and nephews. The Parton family has always held on to these holiday traditions and Dolly spares no joy.

Every year, during what Parton calls “cookie night” she dresses in her best Santa ensemble and doles out the gifts. She says, “I dress up like Santa, I've got my elevator decorated like a chimney. I come down in my Santa suit with my bag of toys. They're sittin' at the bottom, waiting for the elevator to come down. That's been going on for years and years."

Parton’s efforts this year come with an extra dose of cheer. She explains, “Even with as bad as things have been during the COVID, I've been very productive.” Parton continues, “I feel like I'm doing things to try to uplift people. Doing things to bring a little light into the darkness. That's kind of my purpose in life. Hopefully, I'm getting it done."

Aside from helping to fund the COVID-19 Moderna Vaccine, Dolly has also gifted us a brand new Christmas album, A Holly Dolly Christmas, which features collaborations with other artists she considers family. Parton joins forces with Billy Ray Cyrus who she says “is like a brother,” plus offers up a duet on “Christmas Is” with her goddaughter, Miley Cyrus. Plus her true brother, Randy Parton joins her for a touching duet on “You Are My Christmas.”

So to sum it all up, Dolly is harnessing the power of Christmas to not only help us get through this difficult year, but Parton is also relying on science to provide us with a vaccine so that we may never see another COVID-Christmas again. Well done Granny Claus.

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A Holly Dolly Christmas is available everywhere.

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