Elon Musk Offers Monica Lewinsky a Sweet Deal on a Tesla


Deciding on what kind of vehicle to buy can be overwhelming.

Earlier this week, Monica Lewinsky found herself conflicted as she mulled over which car she should purchase.

The 47-year-old took to Twitter to disclose her automobile dilemma.

"So very me," Lewinsky tweeted. "Can't decide between a subaru or a tesla."

Soon after, the fashion designer got the input of Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk.

The 49-year-old billionaire tried to sway her by making a sweet deal on one of his electric vehicles.

"Try a Tesla & you're welcome to give it back if you decide you prefer a Subaru," Musk responded.

While Lewinsky has yet to reveal if she’s taking Musk up on his offer, she previously owned a Subaru.

"I actually had a used subaru outback that was worth $1200 in parts by the end of college!" the former White House intern tweeted.

Prior to trying to get Lewinsky’s car business, Musk was busy introducing pigs with computer chips in their brains during a webcast.

Last month, the entrepreneur revealed the latest version of his company NeuraLink’s latest prototype, the Link VO.9, a chip that would allow humans to control devices with their brains.

Viewers who saw the webcast met a pig named Gertrude. The animal had a chip implanted in her brain two months ago. Musk showed everyone a graph showing waves inside the pig’s head, which worked when her brain communicated with her snout while eating.

The chip can read signals from all of the pig’s limbs.

If all goes as planned, the coin-sized device could eventually be implanted into the skull of people.

The company is currently working toward human trials, which still needs to be approved by the FDA.

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