Shakira’s Trainer Shares Fitness Secrets That Prepped Her for the Super Bowl


As we all saw on the Super Bowl halftime show stage, those hips don’t lie!

At 43 and 50 respectively, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez stunned with an energetic performance on Sunday, February 2 that showed off their ageless figures and toned bods. A meme comparing Lopez at 50 years old with 1985's 50-year-old "Golden Girl's" actress Rue McClanahan even went viral.

Following the performance, many women wondered how they can get bods like JLO and Shakira’s, and we’re here to tell you that it’s possible with the right diet and a little dedication.

Shakira’s trainer of 10-years Anna Kaiser gave Health some insight into the popstar’s killer workout that prepped her for the Super Bowl.

Here are Shakira's fitness secrets:

Dance the Night Away

The founder of AKT, a dance cardio and strength studio, reveals that Shakira engages in a dance-centric workout plan.

“It’s barre meets Pilates meets core condition,” Kaiser told Health of the training style that mixes cardio dance with strength.

Consistency is Key

Kaiser said Shakira commits to a four- or five-day workout plan often while aiming for six days out of the week.

Kaiser said the key to Shakira’s success is her commitment to living a healthier and more active lifestyle.

“Shakira is committed to fitness and wellness and not just to be in shape for a specific event, but so that she can continue to perform injury-free into her 40s,” Kaiser told the publication.

Love Your Abs

Kaiser admitted that you need to incorporate a lot of ab exercises into your workout to get a toned tummy you can flaunt like Shakira.

She reveals that Shakira loves ab workouts with her favorite being “weighted side bends.”

Total Body Workouts Are a Must

In order to get and stay in shape, you have to work out in a way that targets the whole body. A complete workout means incorporating Shakira’s favorite workouts into your routine, like sliding tricep push-ups, pullovers, lunge cross kicks, and lunge kickbacks.

Play the Right Tunes

Shakira’s trick to getting through a workout with enough motivation and energy? A playlist with her favorite tunes.

Diet Is Important

In 2014, Kaiser told Shape that Shakira ate small meals of about 200-300 calories per meal several times a day. Here is a preview of her diet:

• Poached chicken the size of your fist with a green salad sprinkled with lemon juice, carrots, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, and celery
• Cup and a half of quinoa with minced, cooked veggies
• Vegetable pureed soup with pumpkin seeds, olive oil, or flaxseed
• Protein shake with ice, water, stevia, and chocolate whey protein
• Oranges with almonds

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