WATCH: Deer rescued after swimming with paint bucket stuck to head


Oh deer!

A deer was saved after being spotted swimming with a paint bucket stuck to its head.

The deer was treading water in New York’s Long Island Sound when Frank Floridia arrived on the scene, according to UPI.

Floridia works with the Strong Island Rescue Team and was alerted to the animal in distress by members of the public. He tried to swim out to the deer but the water was too cold.

Another person in a boat noticed Floridia and joined in trying to save the deer. Floridia latched on to the side of the boat and was able to get close to disoriented deer.

Due to the bucket, the deer was swimming in circles. At one point, the poor deer even went under the boat. Thankfully, Floridia removed the bucket and was able to guide the deer to shore.

"I bear-hugged her against the boat and he drove us back to shore. As we got back to shore I was still holding her on the front of the boat,"  Floridia told ABC7 NY. "She seemed very calm - she knew she was being helped."

Once back ashore, the deer sprinted away to safety.

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