SF Supervisor Critical of U.S. Aggression in Middle East

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By KCBS All News 106.9FM and 740AM

San Francisco Supervisors have added their voices to calls that President Donald Trump check in with Congress before taking any further aggressive action in the Middle East.

Supervisor Asha Safai says he knows his job is to stick to local politics, but when Trump acts in what Safai calls a “reckless manner” by putting American lives in danger, he says it’s time to stand up. Safai has introduced a resolution that insists Trump stop acting unilaterally in the Middle East

Safai, who was born in Iran to an Iranian father and American mother, says he is worried about local families with relatives in the military overseas and about the treatment of U.S. Citizens of foreign birth, like him.

He points to this week's 10-hour detention of Iranian-born U.S. Citizens at the Canadian border as mistreatment that should be avoided. 

“That’s awful, those are the kinds of things that get immigrant communities and bi-nationals targeted,” Safai said. “Not only are you putting American citizens at harm abroad, but you’re also exposing them to unjust treatment.”