Berkeley Church Targeted By Arsonist Distributes Free PPE Nationwide

The front of the Way Christian Center in Berkeley with a new "Black Lives Matter" sign displayed.
Photo credit Matt Bigler/KCBS Radio

The Berkeley church that was targeted by an arsonist last week, shortly after the pastor hung a Black Lives Matter banner on the front of the building, has been distributing personal protective equipment across the country during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Way Christian Center on University Ave. has been working hard to get PPE to people who really need it, like prison inmates and gun violence prevention workers.  

"We've raised $1.5 million, we’ve bought 2 million masks, we've produced over 100,000 bottles of sanitizer and we shipped that out from dozens of congregations and mosques across this country," said Head Pastor Mike McBride. "And, this is our Bay Area storage house."

McBride said that the building was targetted by an arsonist last Wednesday morning, just hours after they hung a large Black Lives Matter banner on the front of the church. 

“So, whoever was attempting to cause harm to our building, was also going to be causing harm to a warehouse that was giving free PPE in a pandemic to black, brown and very vulnerable populations,” he told KCBS Radio. 

No PPE was damaged, but the fire in two garbage bins did leave scorch marks on an outside wall of the church.