Car Break-Ins On The Rise At Public Parks As Many Retreat Outdoors

Broken window. Glass, damage. Car break-in
Photo credit (Photo credit: Nikoleta Ivanova)

With so many folks heading to the great outdoors during the pandemic, there's been a rise in car break-ins at Bay Area parks

In one recent incident near Anthony Chabot Regional Park, police say officers caught two burglary suspects in the act standing next to a broken driver’s side window.

“We understand with COVID people are really using the parks to escape some of the stresses associated with that and we want everyone to take steps to avoid being a victim,” said Captain Alan Love with East Bay Regional Parks Police.

His department has seen more and more break-ins during the pandemic and is advising visitors to "Lock It, Leave It, Report It."

"If you don’t need it in the park or for your hike or your exercise, please leave it at home," said Love. Visitors should also keep their cars locked and contact the department if they see any break-ins.

Keenan Norris regularly runs in Chabot Park and has had his car broken into before.

"You have to replace your window, costs $300, there’s an invasion of privacy there."

But with everything else going on, a car break-in is low on his list of worries. "On the scale of problems, it is what it is...people should just take proper precautions, but there are much more risky things out here. Apparently including the air we breathe," he joked.

Parks police are also sending out high visibility patrols to deter burglars.