25 Lusks' Matthew Dolan joins the Foodie Chap

Chef Matthew Dolan joins Foodie Chap
By KCBS All News 106.9FM and 740AM

Meet Chef Matthew Dolan, at the helm at 25 Lusk and 25 Lusk Rooftop, San Francisco.  In July 2019 Chef’s life changed in an instant when a rideshare driver T-boned him and his motorbike leaving him almost for dead. His road to recovery is a remarkable one.  Joyfully after six months of recovery, with support from family, friends and amazing UCSF doctors Chef Matthew is back in the kitchen and walking again albeit with the aid of a cane. 

“All I wished for was that I could walk with my family on the beach again and we did that first day of new year. It was pretty meaningful, pretty spectacular."