Colorful Russian River Comes Alive Again As Coronavirus Eases Grip

The communities along the Russian River are coming alive again as the coronavirus pandemic eases its grip.
Photo credit Jim Taylor/KCBS Radio

Hard hit by COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, the Russian River is back.

For the first time in months, beaches are crowded and restaurants are open. Parking lots are full. So are the sidewalks, too. It's the same as it ever was along the Russian River.

Except everybody’s wearing a mask now.

It's called River Theatre Radio, with turntables and disk jockeys housed inside - you guessed it - the fabled River Theatre in Guerneville. It’s run by Knight and the place has hosted acts from The Grateful Dead to Frank Sinatra and everybody in between.

The DJ booth looks out over Guerneville's Main St.

Right now, Knight is struggling to hold on to the place.

"I'm fighting the fight right now to keep the theater here for the disabled vets," Knight told KCBS Radio. "I'm fighting a person that has 13 shopping centers. He wants to put apartments in here."

It's good to be back on the Russian River.