East Bay Teenagers Develop The Virtual Vacation

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By KCBS All News 106.9FM and 740AM

If you already are feeling the effects of cabin fever during our shelter in place order, a couple of East Bay teenagers may be able to help. The couple have created a website that allows you to go on a virtual vacation.

When their own spring break family vacation to New York had to be canceled last month because of the COVID-19 pandemic and shelter in place order, Jackson and Jenna Steele of Lafayette took a virtual trip to the Big Apple by way of various Internet links their mom brought to their attention. 16-year old Jackson said that gave them the idea to create a website full of virtual vacations, or ‘virtual vacays.’

“All of the virtual vacays we have now are based on some of the trips that we’ve taken in the past.” said Steele, “so we have ones for Northern Italy, Tokyo, Hawaii.” 

Other virtual vacations include Paris, Spain, and of course, New York.

14-year old Jenna says staying at home has been hard for the family because they travel a lot, but working on the virtual vacays website has kept boredom at bay.

”Last week we had spring break, and I feel like for a lot of people, the days were, like, super long. You know, they’re at home with nothing to do.“ she said of the downtime, ”But since we have this project that we could constantly be working on, like, I was always busy. The time just flew.”

She said each of the destinations all start with food.

“Each virtual vacay has a couple recipes at the beginning, and these are, like, our favorite recipes from the places we’ve been to,” she said, “you have to try them. They’re delicious; you’ll absolutely love them.” 

Jackson and Jenna also are collecting donations for Feeding America on the Virtual Vacay website.

Find more at https://virtual-vacay.com/