Former Senator Barbara Boxer Says Biden-Harris Ticket Is 'Historic' And 'Healing'

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Former Senator Barbara Boxer praised former Vice President Joe Biden’s selection of Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate, and said the ticket gives voters the hope they need in President Donald Trump’s America.   

“Donald Trump’s America is just awful,” Boxer told KCBS Radio. “We've got division. We’ve got sickness. We’ve got politics being played with that pandemic. We’ve got this social unrest because of what people have seen. We’ve got loss of jobs. We’ve got people lining up for food banks who never did it before.” 

She said that the ticket is a symbol of unity. Harris is the first ever Black woman to appear on a presidential ticket, as well as the first Asian-American or Indian-American person to do so.

Boxer was elected in 1992, known as “The Year of the Woman” in politics.  

She said that since then, the U.S. has made progress in gender equality in politics and is moving in the right direction, though there are still hurdles. 

“I think this pick by Joe Biden is very important, and it sends a strong signal,” Boxer added. 

If the ticket wins, California Governor Gavin Newsom will have to appoint a replacement to fill Harris’ seat in Congress for the remainder of her term.

Boxer said that Newsom will have to decide between appointing someone that he thinks will be able to win reelection, or putting up someone who will simply serve well for two years.  

She added that Harris, Biden and the Democrats in the Senate will have to weigh in, although the governor will make the ultimate choice.