Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown 'Pleased' Kamala Harris Teamed With Joe Biden, Despite Saying She Shouldn't

Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown
Photo credit Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown is singing a different tune now that his former protégé has accepted an offer to be presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s running mate.

Brown penned an op-ed in the San Francisco Chronicle last week, urging Kamala Harris to "politely decline" if Biden sought her as his vice president. Instead, Brown wrote the former San Francisco district attorney should push for attorney general in the Biden administration.

Just three days later, Biden announced he had picked Harris to complete the Democratic ticket. So, did the 86-year-old former mayor hear from Harris after his comments?

"No, I did not hear from her, but I’m very pleased that she did accept the offer from Joe Biden to be his running mate," Brown told Fox News on Wednesday.

Brown said he had predicted in February 2019 that Biden and Harris would make up the Democratic ticket.

"I was fearful that a talented person like Kamala Harris who has the potential to be president of this nation, if she ever got sidetracked by being the second banana to a president, she’d never be able to demonstrate those skills," Brown said. "That’s what I was concerned about."

Brown famously dated a much younger Harris in 1995 when he was campaigning to become San Francisco's mayor and she was an up-and-coming prosecutor in the Alameda County district attorney's office. 

"I do believe to this day and I’ll continue to say it, and that is her future should be determined by her and her conduct. Period. Without reference to Joe Biden, without reference to Willie Brown or anybody else."

Brown went on to call Harris a "rare find."