Spam Musubi, Sushi-Like Hawaiian Snack, Reaches South Bay

Customers reach for musubi at Hapa Musubi
Photo credit Keith Menconi/KCBS Radio

The walls of downtown San Jose’s newest snack shop are lined with about 200 cans of Spam. 

The co-owner of recently opened Hapa Musubi said that’s about how much of the meat it took to finalize the menu. 

Hapa Musubi recently opened in the South Bay, serving up musubi in a variety of flavors. Musubi is a Japanese and Hawaiian inspired snack that resembles a sushi roll, but contains Spam or another protein in the center rather than raw fish. 

The star of the menu is of course, Spam. Flavors offered include Spam, pineapple and Spam, cucumber and Spam, jalapeno and Spam, egg and Spam, egg, bacon and Spam and double Spam. 

Other options are available, and range from chicken katsu to seaweed salad musubi. Despite the emphasis on meat, there are vegetarian dishes on the menu, such as miso soup, salad and a pineapple snack.

According to the restaurant's website, a single musubi costs anywhere from $3.00 to $4.50.

As for what makes the business different, the co-owner said he doesn’t think anyone else has a restaurant dedicated to just musubis.