Hayward Test Site Nears 1,000 Tests In 4 Days

Coronavirus testing underway at Hayward Fire Station by Tennyson Park
Photo credit Holly Quan/ KCBS Radio

A no-appointments-necessary coronavirus testing site in Hayward has examined nearly 1,000 people since it opened on Monday. 

Of the 207 people that were tested on the opening day, 54 have come back positive for the coronavirus. Anyone who gets a positive result will receive a phone call within 24 hours informing them of their results, but officials are trying to contact all testers to give those with negative results peace of mind.

“We’re trying our best to test as many people as we can,” said Donnie Nicholson, spokesman for the Hayward Fire Department.

That is why officials loosened the parameters for testing on Tuesday to anyone, but quickly had to limit tests only to those showing symptoms after seeing 462 people that day. 

The site is one of the few where people can get tested without a doctor’s note, which is likely why Nicholson estimates as many as 40% of the patients being tested are coming from outside the area. 

The plan is to keep the site open seven days a week through mid-April, but labs will need to increase their capacity in order to keep up with demand.

“[Our> lab got inundated because we were sending them so many tests, that they said ‘well hold on, we can’t process this many this quickly’,” says Nicholson. “So we kinda have to catch up.”