Heat Wave Serves As Reminder To Prepare For Fire Season

Shiloh Ranch Regional Park, Windsor October, 2017
Photo credit Weriset/Getty Images

As explosive fires rage in Southern California, Bay Area officials are keeping their eye on fire conditions.

Temperatures in the North Bay are projected to get into the upper 90’s over the next week and the state is now well into fire season.

"What it’s doing is continuing to dry out our fuel, and those fuels are what burn: trees, brush, grasses," said Paul Lowenthal with the Santa Rosa Fire Department.

Conditions are not yet critical but the shift away from the cooler offshore winds the area has been experiencing the last few weeks to hot, dry weather raises the risk.

That means now is the time for residents to make their final preparations for a fire with the pandemic in mind.

"We’ve historically had our go guide checklist that has been pretty consistent throughout the years, but now we’re asking people to be prepared, potentially, to have to evacuate during a pandemic and not be able to go to a shelter," said Lowenthal. "What do you need, potentially, to be evacuated in your car for a period of time? Do you have extra masks, do you have extra hand sanitizer?"

Lowenthal also said it is not too late at this point to cut grass and create a defensible space around your property.