Local Teachers Prepare Parents For Distance Learning Amid Pandemic

Empty Classroom
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By KCBS All News 106.9FM and 740AM

As many local teachers prepare for the upcoming virtual school year, educators are calling for more to be done to make sure parents are prepared for their children to learn from home amid the coronavirus pandemic.

After reviewing local data on virtual learning in the spring, educators found that some of the kids who were most absent from sessions were those whose parents had to leave home for work during the shelter in place orders, showing that parent involvement in distance learning is critical. 

“We need to find ways to support our families, whether that’s economic relief or helping them with teaching the lessons at home that we’re sending out,” said Hannah Margolis Kesstle, a Kindergarten teacher at Washington Elementary School in Berkeley. “We need to find ways to make distance learning work.”  

She told KCBS that teachers have been reaching out to parents to find out what they need to help their child learn at home. 

Kesstle said she plans hold webinars for the parents this year, to help them learn the tactics that work for her in the classroom. 

“They may or may not work at home, but we want parents to feel like they have the tools to make this work,” Kesstle added. 

School districts around the Bay Area are doing what they can to reach out to parents as well.