Menlo Park Fire Debuts World’s First Electric Fire Truck

Menlo Park Fire Protection District debuts worlds first all-electric fire engine
Photo credit Menlo Park Fire Protection District
By KCBS All News 106.9FM and 740AM

The world's first all-electric fire engine could make its home in the Bay Area.

Menlo Park Fire Protection Chief Harold Schapelhouman showed off the truck to the community and the fire district this week in hopes of adding the eco-friendly vehicle to their firefighting cavalry.

“It’s very efficient and very revolutionary in its design,” Chief Schapelhouman said. “A lot of entities are looking at it from a climate standpoint, and I’m coming at it from more a health and safety standpoint.”

The vehicle is made by the Austrian-based Rosenbauer Group, one of the world’s three largest manufacturers of fire-service vehicles and firefighting equipment.

The Menlo Park Fire District will need to decide whether to pony up the $1.2 million for the vehicle.

While equipped with a tighter turn radius and the ability to be in the field for up to 13 hours, Chief Schapelhouman said he doesn’t have it in mind for every single job.

“We’re not looking at this for strike teams or out-of-county response,” Chief Schapelhouman explained. “We’re looking at the day-to-day inner-district type of calls that we would respond to: medical calls, car accidents, alarm soundings, any type of emergency.”

Schapelhouman says they are looking to employ the all-electric engine for jobs short in duration, so they can replug and recharge on a regular basis.

If the district approves the purchase, the electric fire engine would be in service by 2021. ​