Oakland A's Postpone Game Due To Positive COVID-19 Test

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By KCBS All News 106.9FM and 740AM

The Oakland A's and the Houston Astros were forced to cancel their game Sunday, after someone within the A's organization tested positive for the coronavirus.

The A’s had conducted testing for the entire traveling team and staff when the positive case was discovered. Officials haven't indicated if the infected individual is a player or staff member. 

A's statement on positive COVID-19 Test. pic.twitter.com/qvk5B2cusX

— AthleticsPR (@AthleticsPR) August 30, 2020

"The challenge that they face is making sure that the disease does not spread through the rest of the A’s," said Dr. Zachary Binney with the Oxford College of Emory University. 

He said the Major League Baseball has already seen two massive outbreaks, but teams did manage to get the recent cases under control

"It’s a little hard to know what caused two teams to have really bad outbreaks and two teams to be able to contain them, but we’ll have to see," Dr. Binney told KCBS Radio. 

The A’s are now the 11th MLB team with a COVID-19-related postponement.  

"What they need to do now is, if they want to be cautious, they probably need to postpone the games for the A's for the next few days, maybe four or five days, which is what we saw with the New York Mets and the Cincinnati Reds," Dr. Binney noted.