Party Promoter Claims He Didn't Intend To Violate Shelter Order

Partygoers at the Cromwell, Las Vegas, Jan. 2020
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By KCBS All News 106.9FM and 740AM

A party for 200 people that was scheduled to be held in San Francisco on Friday night has been shut down after city officials stepped in to uphold shelter in place rules. 

City Attorney Dennis Herrera announced Wednesday that his office directed the owner of an event space in Potrero Hill to cancel the party, which was still being advertised online as of that morning.

“Putting 200 people together in a club is the exact wrong thing to do right now. It would create a powder keg for this virus to explode across our communities,” said Herrera.

In a letter to the property owner, Herrera says the organizers showed a “callous disregard for the health and safety of San Franciscans in the face of this pandemic.”

Organizer Christian Pineiro says that is not the case. He tells KCBS Radio that he knew what had to be done but was slow to act because he himself has the coronavirus.

“I understand what the city’s doing, I respect it 100%," said Pineiro. "If anything this virus is to be taken serious. This virus is no joke. It’s like no other virus I have ever dealt with before, it’s like no other flu.”

Pineiro says all of his events have been cancelled for weeks, but he hit a technical glitch when he tried to stop sales for this particular event. When the club owners canceled the event on Facebook, he was unable to access the event through Eventbrite to take it down and has been working with the company to remove it manually. 

Herrera says despite reports that the events had already been cancelled, it was irresponsible to allow the online listings to stay up.

For his part, Pineiro says he fully supports the measures the city is taking and wants the public to understand how serious the outbreak is. “It started with a high fever of 101.5. Huge headache, probably one of the worst headaches I have ever had in my life. You are super agitated, very short breathing and if you try to take a deep breath your lungs contract, you can’t take a breath and you start coughing nonstop.”

Everyone who bought a ticket will receive a refund, he promised. 

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Dear Friends, I am with Corona Virus, I contracted the virus on Sunday, March 15th and been fighting it on self quarantine with absolute exhaustion. This Virus is no joke and it takes all your energy away. It started with 5 days of high fevers of 101.5 and an unbearable headache, once the headache is done, you are left with a nasty dry cough that affects your lungs and breath and even going to the bathroom feels like running a marathon. You then have short breathes as your lungs contract and you cough non stop for minutes that seems to turn into hours. Since then I've been in self quarantine with no human contact reaching out to my doctor every day with updates and thankfully I am fine and I will survive this although is like no other virus or flu I have ever gotten in the past. I sleep 16 hours a day, I am in bed 24/7 except when I order food once a day as you have a lack of appetite and I have the food delivered outside the door. The good news is that I should be fully recovered and no longer contagious by the 29th. To all my SET Friends and fans, All events have been canceled weeks ago on Facebook, but due to the gravity of the virus, I have not been able to fully cancel all events on Eventbrite as I had no strength. I did, however reach out to eventbrite and requested for all event tickets to be refunded which should be happening in the next few days. In regards of the Lehar event, The club owners canceled the event 2 weeks ago on Facebook and that created a glitch on Eventbrite and from there I could no longer see the event on the platforms back end. I reached out to eventbrite days ago, requesting for all events to be canceled and all tickets to be refunded as I had no energy to do it my self, but there is only so much they could do as I have to do the rest personally manually and been waiting to get better to do so. I want to emphasize that at no point I was going to do the event or parties, I more than anyone else understands the severity of the virus first hand and I know it must be taken serious. I fully support the city and I agree with all the measurements they are taking and if anything, I beg people to take this serious Sincerely, Christian Pi

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