49ers' Levi's Stadium to be CA's largest COVID-19 vaccination site

By KCBS Radio

The San Francisco 49ers and the County of Santa Clara have announced a new COVID-19 vaccination site at Levi’s Stadium, the largest of its kind in California.

The site, announced early Friday, will open next week for up to 5,000 people a day, although it is expected to be able to serve up to 15,000 people each day as vaccine supplies permit.

It will be run by the Santa Clara County Health System.

Called a "major logistical operation," the undertaking will facilitate the rapid rollout of COVID-19 vaccinations. "I am pleased to see this collaborative approach to get our residents vaccinated at scale," said Santa Clara County Supervisor Susan Ellenberg in a news release.

"We appreciate the 49ers stepping up during this difficult time and providing valuable space and resources in the fight against COVID-19," said Mike Wasserman, President of the County of Santa Clara Board of Supervisors. "Sports binds communities together and the 49ers helping to vaccinate our community shows true leadership and winning teamwork."

Team partner Levi's is joining in to help "drive awareness of vaccinations."

The move comes after the Oakland Coliseum was announced as a mass vaccination site earlier this week, and the same for San Francisco's Moscone Center just Thursday.