Bay Area favorite 'Karl The Fog' evaporates, now 'Karla' moves in


Move over, Karl. It’s Karla’s turn now.

As many native and transplant San Franciscans have come to know and love, the city’s thick marine layer is affectionately known as Karl The Fog. He’s got a sassy social media presence, is often referenced by local weather forecasters and even published a well-received book last year.

But unexpectedly, and without any warning to his 355,000-plus followers, San Francisco’s favorite non-human Twitter personality went dark.

The last tweet from @KarlTheFog came January 19.

Since then, radio silence. Not a single peep.

Fast forward nine months and suddenly, there’s a new fog in town.

@fog_karla announced her arrival September 15.

She identifies as female and prefers to be called "The Fog Goddess."

If it’s fog-related humor you want, she’s got it.

KCBS Radio has reached out to @KarlTheFog, but has not yet heard back. If you know his whereabouts, please let us know. Inquiring minds are curious.