Enjoy the SFMOMA free for two weeks

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is preparing to reopen and when it does, admission will be free for the first two weeks.

"We’ve been in crisis for six months and it’s a great opportunity for cultural organizations such as ours to really extend a big hug to this community and welcome them back to digital art and contemporary art," explained Director Neal Benezra, who said it is the right thing to do during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The museum will open on October 1 with three days of previews for members, with two weeks of free community days from October 4-18.

"We have had a slew of free community days the last couple of years. It’s very important that we make the museum accessible to all kinds of people in our community," Benezra said. "We’re really eager to help rebuild the cultural community of this city and this community that’s been so under siege the last six months."

As is the case at all San Francisco museums, attendance will be limited to 25% capacity and face coverings will be required.

Benezra said the staff is very prepared to reopen safely.

"None of us thought COVID would last quite as long as it obviously has. So we’ve had protocols in place for probably three months now as our reopening dates have been delayed," he added.

Timed tickets will be required for entry and the museum is advising people to reserve their ticket once they become available Friday.