Bay Area food banks highly concerned about loss of federal stimulus money


Bay Area food banks are among the most concerned about the potential loss of federal stimulus money as programs wind down amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Fewer stimulus checks mean more people in need of food assistance, but other federal programs are winding down too, and food banks are also set to lose support.

“As you might imagine, during this pandemic there has been a lot of supply chain disruption that has been a challenge,” said Second Harvest of Silicon Valley CEO Leslie Bacho.

Bacho explained that an influx of food commodities coming from the federal government has been helping her food bank weather the storm this year.

“There was a program called the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program, and that resulted in us getting, at its peak, 38,000 boxes a week,” she told KCBS Radio.

However, that program is set to end in just over a month, making it all the more difficult for Second Harvest and other food banks to meet the surging demand for food from people in need.

“That means we just have to raise more money,” Bacho said. “I mean, we’re providing double the amount of food. We’re serving double the amount of people, and we have literally doubled our budget to do that.”