Marin County opens first mass vaccination site

By KCBS Radio

Marin County opened its first mass COVID-19 vaccination site on Sunday at the Larkspur ferry terminal, where as many as 2,000 people aged 65 and older each day will eventually be able to receive the first of two vaccine shots.

Christine Jones, who was the first resident in line at the drive-thru vaccination site, was thrilled when she received her vaccination.

Jones said it was a rough year as she tried to limit her activities. “But we’re so grateful for everything, to be able to get this vaccination,” she said.

Along with the other senior residents who went to get their shots, Jones was required to stay in her vehicle after receiving her vaccine, to be monitored by medical professionals as they made sure she did not have any adverse reactions.

“I’m going to behave just like the CDC wants us to, (will) continue to wear a mask and stuff,” said Peter Abound, another resident who received his first dose of the vaccine Saturday. “But I’ll feel safer.”

Marin County spokesperson Lainey Hendricks called the drive-thru vaccination site a “soft landing.”

“We had planned on opening at a larger scale, and our vaccine supply was delayed due to those storms back east,” Hendricks said. “But once the supply chain stream increases week over week and our operations are underway here, we can vaccinate up to 2,000 people a day.”

Vaccination appointments can be made by online reservation only.