AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine trials called into question after technical mistake in study


Following the announcement of promising results for its COVID-19 vaccine earlier this week, AstraZeneca is now facing major questions about how it conducted its trials.

On Monday, the news of a third promising vaccine spurred hopes it could soon come to market, but my midweek, doubts had emerged.

Health experts are now taking a second look after AstraZeneca acknowledged a technical mistake in the study process assessing its vaccine.

Dr. William Schaffner is professor of infectious diseases at Vanderbilt University, and he told KCBS Radio that AstraZeneca got off to a bumpy start and "we need to see all of their data."

“There would be some residual concern if they made one error," he said. "This is possible that other errors were made, but let’s see the data.”

AstraZeneca maintains the study’s overall findings are sound.

This setback could mean regulators will decide not to fast track approval for the vaccine’s use. While there are still two other promising vaccines, Schaffner pointed out that the more vaccines, the better.

“After all, we’re trying to vaccinate 330 million people in the United States," he said.