New coronavirus treatment shows near-perfect success rate: Report


Researchers in Florida who developed a new COVID-19 treatment say they think they have found a coronavirus cure with a near-perfect success rate.

BGR reported that AdventHealth Ocala officials shared results from a new drug therapy they developed called ICAM.

“The ICAM protocol has the potential to trigger the reopening of the country,” Dr. Carlette Norwood-Williams, Director of Pharmacy at AdventHealth Ocala, said. “We will know the next step after our out-patient study.”

Norwood-Williams explained how ICAM works by strengthening the immune system and protecting the lungs from inflammation.

With this data, Norwood-Williams said there was no need for mechanical ventilation, and the patients who participated in the research all survived the study despite their age and past medical history.

Since April, scientists have seen a 96.4% survival rate for COVID-19 patients admitted at AdventHealth Ocala.

“It’s a drug class combination,” she said. “It works to defend the body from the most severe cases of the coronavirus.”

ICAM is an acronym for the types of medications used, which includes immune support such as Vitamin C and Zinc Corticosteroids to control inflammation, anticoagulants to prevent blood clots, and macrolides to help fight infection.

According to Norwood-Williams, researchers found that ICAM works as plan of action for defending the body. Although it does not kill coronavirus, it doesn’t need to. She explained how viruses are self-limiting anyway, and they have a concise life cycle.

AdventHealth Ocala says it is beginning a clinical trial for the drug therapy to publish their findings and share the treatment with doctors and health officials worldwide.

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