Pulse of America: Dead heat in Ohio


In this special series, KCBS Radio's Jim Taylor is spending two weeks traversing the country to talk to voters ahead of one of the most divisive elections of our time

Ohio may be the most significant state in the 2020 election. It is known as the bellwether state, and for a reason; for the last 14 presidential elections, as Ohio goes, so goes the election.

In fact, no Republican candidate has ever won the White House without winning Ohio. A path to the White House will be difficult without it.

It is too close to tell at this point which way the state may go. For the first time on this road trip, political signs are evenly distributed between the two major candidates and polls put it within a margin of error, a dead heat, a toss-up.

"I feel good about Election Day, we’re going to get rid of Trump," said a rather burly man in a pick-up truck with a gun rack. Sometimes appearances can be deceiving.

Statistically speaking, that means everybody's neighbor is voting for someone else, which means things could get rather tense after the election.

"It’s life, man," said the Biden supporter.

Political forecasters say if Biden pulls off a victory in Ohio, he will likely also win other crucial swing states like Pennsylvania and Michigan, and likely the entire election.

But with many more people voting by mail and the results expected to be extremely close, it could take several days for a winner to be declared.

The next stop on the road trip: Indiana, the home state of Vice President Mike Pence.