Pulse of America: The heartland beats red


In this special series, KCBS Radio's Jim Taylor is spending two weeks traversing the country to talk to voters ahead of one of the most divisive elections of our time.

Starting in a Peoria, Illinois thunderstorm, passing the Carl Sandburg birthplace and museum, followed by a museum dedicated to Buffalo Bill and the Presidential Library of Herbert Hoover.

Other places include the Kickapoo Creek Winery and what proudly proclaims itself the “world’s largest truck stop.”

Trucks on a highway in America's heartland
Photo credit Jim Taylor/KCBS Radio

Now about that pulse of America, it sure beats red in the heartland. If there’s a pasture or a field and it’s got a sign on it, the sign says “Trump.”

Of those eligible to do so, 39% did not vote in the last election, and some don’t plan to vote in this one either.

“There’s no man that’s going to take that seat that’s going to change the problems we have developed in this country,” said one resident. “The problems we’ve developed in this country are the ones we’ve created as a people, and they’re only going to be fixed as a people.”

The young man is part of the so-called youth vote that Democratic nominee Joe Biden is counting on.

The next stop in this road trip is Omaha, Nebraska, hometown of Warren Buffett, Marlon Brando and Malcolm X.