East Bay's Rep. Swalwell one of nine House managers to take argument for impeachment to Senate


As the House prepares to vote to impeach President Donald Trump Wednesday, one local congressman finds himself in a key role when proceedings move to the Senate.

East Bay Congressman Eric Swalwell has spent time in the Green Zone in parts of the Middle East, which is what he said Capitol Hill reminds him of now with eight-foot metal fencing and National Guardsmen posted every ten feet, an unsettling image a week before President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration. For this reason, he said President Trump needs to be held accountable for what he and the Democrats say was inciting mob violence.

Swalwell was picked as one of nine House managers tasked with taking the argument for impeachment to the Senate and handling challenges including those from the President's defense. He told KCBS Radio the mayhem of last week is not easily forgotten.

“I feel safer today than I did last Wednesday, but when you hear the threats to attack the capitol and the Supreme Court and other offices of government, you have to take them seriously,” Swalwell said. “But we want people to witness this transition of power safely. We must show ourselves and the world that we can do it, so we have to do everything we can to make sure that’s the case.”

Swalwell is relying on years of trial experience as an Alameda County hate crimes prosecutor to show that words matter and have consequences.

The House vote comes as a CBS News poll out Wednesday morning shows that 55% of Americans favor removing Trump to prevent him from running for president again and to show the world that democracy will defend itself.

Debate on the article of impeachment begins around 9:00 a.m. with a vote expected after noon.