North Bay Rep. Huffman reiterates support for Capitol gun ban for congress members


The attack on Capitol Hill one week ago is an even better reason to ban congressmembers from carrying guns to work, according to North Bay congressman Jared Huffman.

At a virtual town hall meeting, Rep. Huffman was asked by a constituent if he was rethinking the bill he introduced with Congressmember Jackie Speier that would end the congress member exemption to the Capitol's gun ban.

“No, I am not reconsidering,” he said. “I continue to believe more strongly than ever that it’s a really bad idea for members to have guns inside the Capitol complex.”

Huffman said his stance is reinforced by the fact that some of his colleagues who were armed during the attack were some of the ones who were inciting the mob, and going out to talk with them during the attack.

“The idea that that is somehow making us safer, I find preposterous,” he said.

Huffman said it could have made it much worse, an issue that he said the now-resigned former House Sergeant at Arms Paul Irving privately agreed with him on, but would not denounce publicly for political reasons.

“This is a guy that was way more tuned into politics and whatever his own political affiliation may be… than he was the job he was supposed to be doing, which is to keep the Capitol safe,” he said. “And I’m glad he’s gone.”