Trump tells crowd of supporters that Californians are forced to wear 'special mask' that cannot be removed


President Trump was speaking at a campaign rally in Arizona Wednesday, where he told the crowd that people in Californian are forced to wear a “special mask” that cannot be removed “under any circumstances.”

“In California, you have a special mask. You cannot under any circumstances take it off. You have to eat through the mask,” Trump said. “It’s a very complex mechanism, and they don’t realize those germs, they go through it like nothing. They look at you with that contraption and they say that’s an easy one, I’m going right through with the food.”

“Now, how about California, though, where you’re supposed to eat with the mask, can’t take it off,” he continued. “You see people and boy, you know, when you have spaghetti and meat sauce, that mask is not looking — you walk out, it looks like you got into a fight with [UFC President] Dana White.”

Although California does have guidance that clearly states that guests at restaurants and bars should wear face coverings, the exception is obviously when they’re eating and drinking.

Watch the clip from Trump’s rally below, or here.