Bank of America getting criticized by people in CA who say they've been victims of unemployment fraud


Bank of America is getting criticized by people around the state who say they've been victims of unemployment fraud.

They say the bank hasn't done enough to help them get their money back on their EDD card balances.

This woman tells CBS San Francisco her claim was denied quickly.

“The letter was dated the 20th and I didn’t make the initial claim until the 19th so nothing was investigated. Just a letter was generated as soon as I hung up the phone,” the woman told CBS San Francisco.

The letter said people can request their claim be re-opened but this other woman says that goes nowhere.

“I actually called this morning at 7 a.m. She gave me a new claim number but what use is that if we can’t even check the status of that claim?” she asks.

EDD says if fraud is happening on the debit cards then it's up to Bank of America to resolve it and pay people back.

Bank of America says it's working with the state and law enforcement to identify and take action against fraudulent applicants and ensure legitimate applicants can access their benefits.