Latest Gadgets: Go To The Bathroom ANYWHERE

Travel John Disposable Urinals
Photo credit Rob Graner

Gadget Guru Frank Viggiano joined KDKA Radio on Tuesday morning to preview his latest gadgets and gizmos.

Here are a few of the products that Dr. Frank brought in:

Travel John Disposable Urinals

- Convenient, unisex, sanitary personal urinals containing patented Liqsorb

- Ideal for motion sickness, potty training, car travel, outdoor activities, and bathroom emergencies of all types

- Biodegradable pouch filled with unique polymer substance which absorbs liquid waste and turns it into odorless, spill-proof gel

- Longest lasting wax - up to 3 years protection

- Uses electrofusion technology

- Kit includes (applicator, deep cleansing wash, wax & Microfiber towel)

- High-gloss shine with deep reflective finish and a wet slick feel

- PATENTED! Best portable clothes washer available

- Only non-electric clothes washer that can wash jeans & sweatshirts.

- ECO-FRIENDLY: Hand-powered, non-electric, easy up & down motion

- Uses only a fraction of the water and detergent used by electric machines

- CONVENIENT: Portable, lightweight and easy to use anywhere

- Cleans clothes in less than 20 minutes. Great for RV's, camping, apartments, dorms, delicates, exercise clothing, and more

- MADE IN THE USA! Lavario was meticulously engineered for durability & performance

You can listen to the full interview below to hear more about some of the other products that Dr. Frank brought in.


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